Make Love, literally, just make it!

P1040926Valentine’s day is nearing and along with it whole spectrum of feelings, opinions and rituals that it evokes. Since being married (going on 7 years soon) the Valentine’s Day rituals for us have fluctuated from obvious and classic, to creative and inspired. Last year, a little while before Valentine’s day, Mr. TGFRL and I spotted this great wall art while shopping in a boutique we like in Los Angeles. Driving home we wondered if we could recreate it. We decided to make re-creating the wall art our Valentine’s Day activity – instead of just exchanging gifts over dinner. I put the hair up, got out a hammer and some nails,and we headed to a yarn store and came home to set about co-creating our “Heart Art” on the wall behind our bed. Honestly, it was funny and unexpectedly perfect to make this wall art together and every time I enter my bedroom or get in bed I think about how well-matched we are as a couple and how this easy craft (which cost the price of yarn and a couple of hours of team work) was the best Valentine’s Day memory ever. Ever since that I am all about the plan to make something together, or for yourself. I like to think of it as love in action, literally making love!P1040897



Now that my daughter “C-bomb” is fully hip to Valentine’s Day, celebrating with her school mates and “sharing the love,” we decided this year to hit the art supply store and sit down with some dark chocolate chips to craft home-made cards for all her school mates. I’m not THAT mom usually. I don’t like messes, am kind of a control freak, and was seriously tempted to take the easy way out and buy some chic little cards or trinkets, but this family night of “making stuff to show our love” was totally worth it. I even decided that I am going to craft Mr. TGFRL’s card myself too. Hand made cards aren’t just for the 4 foot and under crowd.


Other ways to love it up? Love yourself up. Book that massage or spa appointment for yourself, go see a movie that no one else would like, throw a love party. Take a random commercialized day that can equal annoying pressure, bad bouquets and over-crowded restaurants and inject it with some meaning. I think of it as active love. What do you love? Who do you love? Make it happen – with love.

PS: I laughingly but only half heartedly apologize for how much like a 1970’s, free love, “explore yourself,” art teacher this post makes me sound like.




9 thoughts on “Make Love, literally, just make it!

  1. I love the idea of making something with your significant other for Valentine’s day. And this piece of art is awesome. Really original.

    1. Thank you! Do the project together, it’s totally sexy. We were laughing and trying to coordinate the yarn and nail situation. Maybe we need to add a second installation….
      is thecupcakefacory hard at work on Valentine’s treats??

      1. I’ll let you know how we get on! The cupcake factory has been pretty crazy today, mad moments in the kitchen with some sweet outcomes. Few finishing touches tomorrow before delivering to all the romantic couples 🙂

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