Gilded Peach


I am one of those people who can wear silver or gold because of my skin type (or I’m a deluded and just believe I am fabulous and multi-tonal which is ALSO an acceptable possibility). Always a fan of highlighting in all it’s forms, I particularly love Benefit’s Sun Beam which is described by Sephora as “liquid sunshine”and I agree. My infamous distaste of sunshine in general oddly doesn’t extend to cosmetics. I use it on cheeks my nose, inner eyes or anywhere  need a subtle shimmer. Recently, inspired by some editorial pieces using gold pressed into lips, I decided to play around with pressing dabs of this on the top and bottom centers of my lips after applying lip color. I am loving the combo of peach and gold here though I erred on the tamer side with the gold – no need to scare the other mommies at school pickup as I am wont to do.

I used a peach lipstick from my UK haul of MUA (Make Up Academy)in Shade 14 Bare , but any peach you like would do. Using my finger I just dabbed and only slightly blended creating a gold washed effect that looks is if I have bitten into a golden fruit. I matched this girly,soft, gilded peach lip style with a fully black lined eye…here using Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kolh Eyeliner in black, Benefit They’re Real mascara and a bit of the golden peach lip mixture on my cheeks. I literally just stole a dab from the lips to add to my cheeks. The eyes create a distinction that stops this look from being too ephemeral and gives it a little grounded intensity – after all it’s not officially spring.




I planned my outfit around my gilded peach face deciding on a bit of “buttoned-up school girl” and dark Gap 1969 denim leggings. The booties are Charles David cream suede. Playing with dark meets light, flecked with warm peachy gold this feels like an early spring “go-to”/” uniform” idea for me. I like the light, cotton, button down blouse (H&M) grounded with a dark denim. Since I live in Los Angeles, “early spring” is whenever I am feeling the inspiration, although we officially have some time left for La la layers. This is the thing we do here in this mysteriously green desert when it dips down to 5o degrees. Even us LA girls itch to wear a blazer or a cardigan. In my case, if only to pretend that we have a bit of winter and fall since we don’t. What will  your spring “uniform” be??





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