With Love, TGFRL


Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies. Seduce, rage, contemplate, luxuriate. What ever you do, do it with TGFRL style!

I am off to the spa!! Make sure to love yourself up!




5 thoughts on “With Love, TGFRL

      1. I love the top and I think the pants look great! And there is nothing wrong with being a dress freak, but I may be besaid since I am one too :]Oh and I’m tagging you in my “Looks I Love” post today, hope it’s alright!

    1. The reason a few of the pirctues don’t look too industrial may be for the following reasons:-Some of the metals look too organic (or like wood) because of their color, especially in first photo.-The second photo has her sitting on a curved shape which is more organic (natural) feeling and would feel more industrial if the object would have been more angular.-The background colors are too warm to look industrial.The photos are so beautiful and you have talent. I was just giving advise on an industrial look. Things looked a little more organic and warm. I worked at San Onofre Nuc Plant so I know what industrial looks like. Hope this helps. Miss you Laird and all the Nelsons.

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