Eat, Pray, Love (and Look) – San Francisco Photo Essay


This President’s Day weekend the TGFRL Family took off up north for a weekend away in San Francisco. I lived in San Francisco a long time ago and adore the cloudy, city by the bay so I try to get there as often as I can. Mr. TGFRL and C-comb are also huge fans. What is not to love about a city that is nearly exploding with food, culture, shopping and natural beauty??

Highlights of this weekend were:

A dreamy hike around the cliffs and bluffs at Land’s End (part of the Golden Gate National Park Conservancy-the northwestern edge of S.F.). I was dressed for dinner out – the hike was impromptu – but my Gap, cowl neck, military jacket toned down the dress with cutouts underneath, and because I was in the Bay ( i.e.. ALWAYS ready to walk), Boutique 9 knee high studded suede boots with a slight heel didn’t totally fail me!

A “working” visit with fabulous makeup artist Be (his name is Be which is the BEST) at the Dior counter (Union Square, Neiman Marcus) where we worked out an eye palette and look for my Oscar party ensemble. (Reviews of products to come)

Morning at the California Academy of Science to see the rainforest exhibit full of gorgeous flora and fauna, South African penguins and extensive aquariums full of sea life.

Drinking lots of Blue Bottle espresso. Too much.

Eating Millionaire’s Bacon at Sweet Maple, Le Mer (crab and avocado) Benedict at Zazie, breakfast at the Hayes Street Grill stand at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market. Oysters, oysters, oysters.

Watching  the sunset over the ocean and an amazing dinner of wild mushroom risotto and butterscotch pot de creme at Sutro’s (Cliffhouse) after our impromptu hike.

Shopping in Hayes Valley and loving everything at boutique Azalea. Eying gorgeous corsets at Dark Garden, worth the trip just to see a hand made peacock feather corset concoction that is only about four thousand dollars. I’d get it for my soul sister Sissy in an instant! Gaining massive forehead wrinkles over great backless Wren dress and other goodies at Rand and Statler, but leaving with nothing but an idea- the dress in a more classic color.

Warby Parker glasses “try on fest” at The Perish Trust in Alamo Square and maybe finally picking my frames after much ado?? Also, The Perish Trust is coziest, oddest should not be missed establishment. Aside from being the site of one of very few Warby Parker Glasses showrooms, is a sort of gallery, home goods, antique store of arcane Americana. Check out the website for more.

And most of all, holding hands with my honey’s and strolling around the breezy hills of one of the world’s most fantastic cities. Great people watching, window shopping and no end to the epicurean and visual pleasures.

This post doesn’t need a lot more “blah, blah blah” because it is more of a photographic essay of where I have been when I wasn’t blogging these last few days. Sometimes a girl, even a life and style blogging enthusiast, needs to unplug, except from her camera of course.

(Eat) Romanesco (Roman Cauliflower) is beautiful and delicious steamed with olive oil and garlic!


(Love/Look)Impromptu hike with gorgeous views


(Eat) Blue Bottle lattes.


(Look) “C-bomb” posing by the street art. She loves street art!!


(Eat) Biscuit Bender in the Ferry Building. Isn’t that the BEST kind of bender???


(Eat) Oysters. Pure and simple.


(Look) This sign and street (Linden) is pure San Francisco.  Arty, obscure and caffeinated.


(Pray & Love) Sunset after a day full of goodness. Sutro’s at the Cliffhouse.


(Look) In another life, I would wear these on a Sunday am coffee run too..


(Eat/Love)Artisanal hot dog break.


(Eat)Blue Bottle Espresso Part 2


(Eat) Sweet Maple’s show stopping Millionaire’s Bacon.

By this post you’d think I wasn’t often vegan and plant based! But this bacon is transcendent and was featured on the “United States of Bacon” on the Discovery Channel. It is cage-free and basted in brown sugar and red and black pepper. Sweet and spicy, we literally couldn’t stop saying “sweet, sweet maple” all weekend.


(Look/Love) Trusty red sunnies, not exactly hiking chic, but some kind of chic I hope.


(Love) UsP1050266

(Pray/Look)Land’s End views


(Love/Pray/Look) My loves. The ocean.


(Love) My Little Lady



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