Specs Appeal with Warby Parker

I am a glasses girl- have been one since some incident with the chalkboard in 4th grade. I remember the way the trees looked out the window of my school, nestled in the hills of Laurel Canyon, when I could actually see how leaves looked when they were clear and defined. Vision is crazy like that, it’s a bit like style and fashion. It is … Continue reading Specs Appeal with Warby Parker

Sunday Hike: Malibu

Hiking used to be a TGFRL family ritual. That is, before “C-bomb” arrived. For awhile, when she was confined to a snuggly baby-wrap, we continued to spend weekends exploring hills and valleys and vistas. But then hiking turned into “planning to hike” or questioning “how far and fast” we could go now that we were rolling with the under 5 crew. And so many weekends … Continue reading Sunday Hike: Malibu

TGFRL: Black Swan Chic Edition

Black Swan, the 2010 film starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis overwhelmed me with a childlike obsession with all things ballerina chic flecked with the very “grown up” sexy these two leading ladies exude. As I have been hitting the Bar a bit hard lately – the Bar Method ballet bar-based workout, not my local cocktail purveyor, I have been slowly melding my love of … Continue reading TGFRL: Black Swan Chic Edition

How to: Wear Red Lipstick

The phone rings…..”Can you do a post about how to wear red lipstick??” [this is a dramatic reenactment of a call or conversation that happens ALL the time!] So for the umpteenth time, one of my friends and fans recently requested that I write a post about “how to successfully apply and wear red or bold lipstick.” For a moment, I crinkled my brows together … Continue reading How to: Wear Red Lipstick

backwards cardi + street tee + colored jeans = advanced casual

I am not a super casual girl. But sometimes I “hit my head” and wake up thinking I’m someone I’m not. We all do sometimes, unless you are one of those strict uniform type people which I kind of wish I could become. Alas, one of my non-persona’s is “Casual girl.” The TGFRL translation of that is jeans and a t-shirt, probably the globally accepted … Continue reading backwards cardi + street tee + colored jeans = advanced casual