Thank God for Red Lipstick: The Adventures of the Lipstick Loving Room Mom


Blogging, for me at least, is a chance to share a snapshot of my life and share a little bit about who I am, what I do and how I made it happen. Sometimes it is one of these, sometimes all three and sometimes, as in the last month or so, none of the above. I have been living life “offline” and the snapshots of my life were over run by the living part so sharing, showing and writing were at a minimum.

Where have I been you ask? Well, I have been planning my five year old’s birthday week extravaganza in TGFRL style and being a Room Mom for my daughter’s Junior Kindergarten class, a job I accepted with only a sliver of actual understanding of what it entailed. I love my little “C-bomb” like the business, and seeing her and her little fellow 5 year olds when I roll into the school yard to get her in the late afternoons I am filled with a sense of life outside myself like no other time. Watching her self-styled, sassy self march around the playground putting on puppet shows, terrorizing her adoring boy and girl friends with her “I’m the boss” charm, I see a lot of me, but increasingly a little lady who I want to be there for and support. So when I am writing poorly edited emails to the other parents in her class (from my car in the parking lot of my Bar Method class) about this or that super important thing, I am trying to “be there” for her, support her experiences and make the dreams comes true for her and her little classmates and teachers.

It’s taking awhile to find balance, to do all the things I want to do with style, grace and honesty. I need to re-learn to say NO but make sure to bring the magic when I say yes. I need to organize my closet for fall, come up with fabulous “uniforms,” and keep inspiring yoga-pant-only mom’s to go ahead and TRY the bold red lipstick I see them peering at like I am some kind of mommy unicorn. I like that image, I may need a t-shirt that says “Mommy Unicorn.”

Yes maybe “looking like” the mom in my strange, personal Betty Draper fantasy world isn’t what actually matters, but it is how I roll and when the going gets rough and the roles I am trying to play are lagging or complicated,  it makes me smile, makes my daughter smile and makes Mr. TGFRL smile. I also get feedback from friends and strangers who get and love that some people want and choose a uniform performing in this play called Life. A beloved friend of mine who is newly a mom put it perfectly today when we talked about the pretty face and well thought out ensemble as sort of a  goddess-style battle gear we put on in preparation to go into the world and BE us in the best way possible.

Well here I am, in a vintage dress, suede Zara heels, my beloved Mirenesse Glossy Kiss (in Quick Kiss), Essie nail polish (in Capri)  and some Hairdo HairUwear Clip-in bangs because I’ve been too busy planning parties to get a blow out or air dry my curls in any presentable fashion. This look is my child-like flash back to simpler times – to the fictional mom from a 50’s Norman Rockwell painting who has her sh*t together that I want to emulate on this day!

Mr. TGFRL baked the apple crisp because I got my nails done finally (baking might endanger them) and because I picked a great husband. Hopefully all those five year olds like it. But I know they will like my dress, and that I look like a human size doll and am happy about it. Uniforms are for life, for making it work….today I share my Lipstick Loving Room Mom ensemble for “C-bomb’s” birthday celebration at school. Oh, and if you scroll to the bottom, there is a picture of the apple crisp and a recipe of course. More soon.



IMG_2300 IMG_2307 IMG_2305 IMG_2304 IMG_2310 IMG_2313Fall inspired Apple Crisp, find the recipe here.


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