Purty Persimmon lips? Yes Please!!

IMG_4009This lipstick shocked me into 2014. The first new lipstick purchase of 2014 to wake up this life and style blogger and get her to get back to sharing with her TGFRL friends and fans. If you are judging my waking up to 2014 during the second week of February, it’s OK. Get in line. I’ve gotten texts from people waiting for a blog post that read “are you on vacation again??” Um, no. Here I Am.

The story: It happened unexpectedly in the middle of a cranky, bad mood day, kind of like the day I met the guy who is now my husband (a story for another day, but I started out cranky with low expectations that day too.) I had been having a rough start to my week and found myself wandering around Rite Aid while waiting for a prescription to be filled when I got into “hmmm, how can  spending $15 make me feel better NOW.” It’s terrible but true, in my lip snarling bad mood, I wandered the aisles looking for a cosmetic “pick me up” for my sucky life perspective and decided to scan the shelves for “happy” colors. They are a thing. They are the colors that force your lip corners up and make you think of balloons or sunsets or kid’s toy firetrucks.

Annnnd, Boom! There is was. A bright organge-ish red  matte in a tube that I didn’t recognize. “Wet n Wild in Purty Persimmon…hmm, $1.99″ and here is my “You’re better than the Gap” moment (Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell lover aka people who have seen Crazy, Stupid Love, you know what I’m talkin’ about.) But at this point, if it’s not worth it, I decide that I will have only spent $1.99 and even my bad mood can’t beat this makeup addict’s logic. So out I go with my Q-tips, a third attempt at a True Match concealer stick [Concealer and foundation colors should be easy, like blood types, what’s the problem? I am looking at my self, why can’t I EVER buy these things without a department store makeup artist or a Sephora pro?? Discovering a foundation should be slightly easier than splitting an atom]

I am deep in LA traffic and the lipstick is forgotten. It was so pretty but it wasn’t going to change my world view on this the least inspiring of days. Plus texting and make up application should both be banned while in cars. This is a good rule, because if I HAD tried this on while in the car, I would have crashed.

Purty Persimmon is just that. Pretty and bright like the flesh of a persimmon fruit, which hilariously I despise eating. Persimmon only shares that category with totally pointless jicama (80’s diet food??) and super-disgusting jackfruit which I had to forcedown or face cultural shame while living abroad in Brazil in my 20’s.

Are other Wet n Wild matte colors this fabulous?? Well, the next time I’m wandering in Walgreens or Rite Aid (as I often do) I will let you know.

My only tips for use apply to all bright matte formulas. 1) exfoliate and moisturize lips first, a washcloth and lip balm will suffice 2) unless you are trying to look extra vintage or runway ready, wear with the barest face you can manage. I’ve even pared down to a teeny bit of concealing (seen here with the latest iffy True Match purchase) and a little brow powder/wax to create some definition (Benefit Brow Zing or E.l.f. Studio Brow Kit which I use interchangeably) and voilá!

A bright, happy, easy, $1.99 face is something to get happy about. I paired this minimal makeup look with my ancient, slouchy J Brand boyfriend jeans and an adorable Lovers and Friends “Moss” muscle tee (Kate Moss isn’t the only girl repping a 1974 birthday!!!) Just added stripy heels so these lips and I are ready for anything. Are you at the drugstore yet?

Shirt (Lovers and Friends + Revolve), Jeans (J Brand see similar here) Heels (Zara, see similar here)





3 thoughts on “Purty Persimmon lips? Yes Please!!

  1. I just bought it a few weeks ago and I love it but doesn’t work for me so I gave it to a Latina girl friend with similar colouring to you and it looks fab on here. I love wet and wild I found a red they make that just makes me so happy. Can’t remember the name right now but its the same packaging as this one. I love it

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