When I’m not blogging, who am I? What am I thinking about? Eating? Wearing? Crushing on? Dealing with? Reading about?

This blog is about that.

When I read other blogs, which I love, love to do, I am always wondering…

  • “what is that person doing when she is not making muffins whose ingredient list make even culinarily – gifted me fall asleep?”
  • or “being perfectly coiffed every morning and getting her picture taken by her professional photog boyfriend/best friend?”
  • or “when she is not traveling to every fashion week and changing thrice daily for fabulous parties?”

I have no idea –  but I wonder.

Welcome to my blog: the editorials and the in between. Unedited? No, that would be a bit much. But it IS my stream of life blog.  Because anything else would make my head hurt like a pie that takes two days to make.

Real Talk.




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