About Me


Renaissance woman: a woman who is interested in and knows a lot about many things.”  – Merriam Webster

My name is Ciara and I am a writer, yoga lover, researcher, epicurean, activist, fashion and beauty enthusiast, wellness guru, life partner, mommy, world traveller, critic, storyteller and blogger.

I live in Los Angeles with a view of the hills I grew up in. I am obsessed with rain and grey skies and if I wasn’t married to my producer husband I’d live somewhere like London instead of this posh desert. I look like I come from another era but that doesn’t get in the way of me living in the now. My otherwise adoring husband says I’m not funny – but no one else agrees.

This blog is m my new thing.



13 thoughts on “About Me

      1. Jun23 Absolutely awe inspiring work, Frank! I canont tell you how much I wish that I could have had you as my wedding photographer! If we ever do a vow renewal I am totally insisting on you!

  1. Dear Ciara,

    As a fellow red lipstick enthusiast I enjoy your blog “TGFRL” very much.

    Allow me to introduce myself:

    I am AraBella Williams.

    For a little over a year I have co-hosted a travel blog with my husband titled”SteamTrunkTravel.com” and though I have written since I was a wee one, writing our blog has been a very creative and rewarding project.

    In 2010 I became excited about writing a book.

    This week my book titled “Minding Marilyn” (the ultimate red lipstick goddess) went live on Amazon, at a very affordable price of $2.99 penned under the name of Dianne deWilliams.

    I am going to dare to ask if you would be kind enough to read my book and review it via your blog?

    In this connected world we live in I am reaching out to as many influential voices as I can in hopes of building a fan base.

    People have asked me what else is there to say about Marilyn Monroe?

    I believe there is always a space for an opinion that uplifts and magnifies something greater.

    I humbly await your response

    ~ Bella ~

    1. Hello AraBella, Lovely to hear from you! I am scrambling to organize for a trip to French Polynesia in two days so my mind is a mess! I would definitely read your book and review it. I have been a lazy blogger as of late and have stacks of backed up projects- having a 5 year old is a time consuming state of affairs! But it sounds interesting. I never read online- I’m such an old fashioned girl- but is be willing to try. Do I just download or..?

      Cheers, Ciara

      Sent from my iPhone


  2. I would be so delighted to have you read & review my creation! You can go to Amazon and download – if you do not have a Kindle or devise to read books on you can download this app:
    French Polynesia sounds like a lovely time! I certainly hope you have a wonderful time, then come back and blog about it 🙂

    I understand having a young one, does not leave much leisurely time…. however if you will allow me the liberty I might just email you again to remind you or jolt your memory.

    Thank you for your consideration and willingness.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Shalom and safe travels
    ~ Bella ~

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