Piña Colada = Summer Drink Style

Being the Red-itor in Chief of Thank God For Red Lipstick is only one of my many roles. Aside from being a life and style blogger I am a mother, healer, yogi, fitness enthusiast, women’s health advocate, entertainment wife, writer, budding photographer and the head hostess of my red lipstick infused world. I love to “bring the festivity” in my social life with the same … Continue reading Piña Colada = Summer Drink Style

“DIY” Luxe Conditioned Lashes by TGFRL

I discovered something a month ago. As a lover of lotions and potions I am always looking for the next thing to make me feel soft, hydrated and healthy. While in the skin care aisle at my local Whole Foods looking for some “starter” face moisturizer for “C-bomb” I came across a pleasant child-like packaged jar of something called Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic All … Continue reading “DIY” Luxe Conditioned Lashes by TGFRL

“Bond Girl” Inspired Bathroom: 24 Hour “Flash” Renovation

Now, I am a lady with a lot of skills. I can write a riveting women’s health policy position paper, make a delicious wild mushroom risotto, relieve stubborn sciatic pain, raise money for an important cause, throw an epic cocktail party, and a do a satisfying “heels to the floor ” downward dog among other things. But when I wake up with a bee in … Continue reading “Bond Girl” Inspired Bathroom: 24 Hour “Flash” Renovation

Feeling backward and blue…

Well, sort of. The “backward” part is what I decided worked best for styling this loose, unstructured, cardigan in a print I adore. It’s Sparrow (Anthropologie) from a few seasons ago and I find that something about the super-deep V cut and the overall flowiness of it make it hard to pair with other things. I did wear it in Scotland when the Christmas pudding had … Continue reading Feeling backward and blue…

Make Love, literally, just make it!

Valentine’s day is nearing and along with it whole spectrum of feelings, opinions and rituals that it evokes. Since being married (going on 7 years soon) the Valentine’s Day rituals for us have fluctuated from obvious and classic, to creative and inspired. Last year, a little while before Valentine’s day, Mr. TGFRL and I spotted this great wall art while shopping in a boutique we … Continue reading Make Love, literally, just make it!

Fake it Till You Make It – Ballerina Bun

New Year’s resolutions are, well, not profoundly life altering. Have you ever heard a Nobel Prize winner or Poet Laureate or Congresswoman or supermodel say “I woke up on January 1st resolved to be, make, do, become…?” No. You haven’t. Probably. I’m not 100% sure since my fact checking staff consists of just me, and Mr. TGFRL if he says,”um, what is this?” Anyway, I feel … Continue reading Fake it Till You Make It – Ballerina Bun