How to: Wear Red Lipstick

The phone rings…..”Can you do a post about how to wear red lipstick??” [this is a dramatic reenactment of a call or conversation that happens ALL the time!] So for the umpteenth time, one of my friends and fans recently requested that I write a post about “how to successfully apply and wear red or bold lipstick.” For a moment, I crinkled my brows together … Continue reading How to: Wear Red Lipstick

“DIY” Luxe Conditioned Lashes by TGFRL

I discovered something a month ago. As a lover of lotions and potions I am always looking for the next thing to make me feel soft, hydrated and healthy. While in the skin care aisle at my local Whole Foods looking for some “starter” face moisturizer for “C-bomb” I came across a pleasant child-like packaged jar of something called Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic All … Continue reading “DIY” Luxe Conditioned Lashes by TGFRL