Sunday Hike: Malibu

Hiking used to be a TGFRL family ritual. That is, before “C-bomb” arrived. For awhile, when she was confined to a snuggly baby-wrap, we continued to spend weekends exploring hills and valleys and vistas. But then hiking turned into “planning to hike” or questioning “how far and fast” we could go now that we were rolling with the under 5 crew. And so many weekends … Continue reading Sunday Hike: Malibu

Eat, Pray, Love (and Look) – San Francisco Photo Essay

This President’s Day weekend the TGFRL Family took off up north for a weekend away in San Francisco. I lived in San Francisco a long time ago and adore the cloudy, city by the bay so I try to get there as often as I can. Mr. TGFRL and C-comb are also huge fans. What is not to love about a city that is nearly … Continue reading Eat, Pray, Love (and Look) – San Francisco Photo Essay