Get That Style: TGFRL Gets A Panama Hat

So it’s almost summer and the sun, as the case it almost ALWAYS is in Southern California, is shining.  A few weeks ago, around the time I decided I needed to be glasses girl, I also decided that I needed to recreate the sort easy chic of one Nicole Richie, and get myself a fantastic summer hat. The picture that inspired it all was of … Continue reading Get That Style: TGFRL Gets A Panama Hat

backwards cardi + street tee + colored jeans = advanced casual

I am not a super casual girl. But sometimes I “hit my head” and wake up thinking I’m someone I’m not. We all do sometimes, unless you are one of those strict uniform type people which I kind of wish I could become. Alas, one of my non-persona’s is “Casual girl.” The TGFRL translation of that is jeans and a t-shirt, probably the globally accepted … Continue reading backwards cardi + street tee + colored jeans = advanced casual

Bond Girl Birthday – Photo Essay

A few days after the TGFRL Birthday Jubilee, I am finally living in a clean house, going to yoga and no longer in a permanent state of “bash prep.” By all accounts, my Miss March birthday season was a rousing and rollicking success. Sparklers, 007 cake, martinis and kitschy Blue Hawaiian cocktails plus my festive guest list made for a memorable closing night of my … Continue reading Bond Girl Birthday – Photo Essay

“Bond Girl” Inspired Bathroom: 24 Hour “Flash” Renovation

Now, I am a lady with a lot of skills. I can write a riveting women’s health policy position paper, make a delicious wild mushroom risotto, relieve stubborn sciatic pain, raise money for an important cause, throw an epic cocktail party, and a do a satisfying “heels to the floor ” downward dog among other things. But when I wake up with a bee in … Continue reading “Bond Girl” Inspired Bathroom: 24 Hour “Flash” Renovation

Rituals: “Must Have” Yoga Things

“A photographer gets people to pose for him. A yoga instructor gets people to pose for themselves” – Jay Fields Yoga is love for me. It is my best friend. It creates a circumstance and vibe wherein I fall in love with myself and the universe simultaneously. I take it seriously, it is both my preferred form of movement and my spiritual haven. Like all things … Continue reading Rituals: “Must Have” Yoga Things

Feeling backward and blue…

Well, sort of. The “backward” part is what I decided worked best for styling this loose, unstructured, cardigan in a print I adore. It’s Sparrow (Anthropologie) from a few seasons ago and I find that something about the super-deep V cut and the overall flowiness of it make it hard to pair with other things. I did wear it in Scotland when the Christmas pudding had … Continue reading Feeling backward and blue…

Gilded Peach

I am one of those people who can wear silver or gold because of my skin type (or I’m a deluded and just believe I am fabulous and multi-tonal which is ALSO an acceptable possibility). Always a fan of highlighting in all it’s forms, I particularly love Benefit’s Sun Beam which is described by Sephora as “liquid sunshine”and I agree. My infamous distaste of sunshine … Continue reading Gilded Peach