Maui bound: TGFRL Vacation Essentials

This Girl Needs A Beach (with a very big umbrella of course.) My mind is scattered, I can’t focus on writing, projects, workouts, mommy to do-lists, laundry or what I’m eating for dinner. I have vacation-itis and though writing for my beloved TGFRL’ers is something I enjoy a lot, I need to pull it together and pack. So welcome to the chaos that is my … Continue reading Maui bound: TGFRL Vacation Essentials

How to: Wear Red Lipstick

The phone rings…..”Can you do a post about how to wear red lipstick??” [this is a dramatic reenactment of a call or conversation that happens ALL the time!] So for the umpteenth time, one of my friends and fans recently requested that I write a post about “how to successfully apply and wear red or bold lipstick.” For a moment, I crinkled my brows together … Continue reading How to: Wear Red Lipstick

Things I’m loving…

Spring Spring is like a test run for summer, the way that anything that precedes another thing sort of is. I love spring and fall with lusty abandon, maybe because they are seen as the seasons “hovering” between the two that people feel most strongly about. Before the long, dark winter or the blistering heat of summer, we have Fall and Spring. They are the … Continue reading Things I’m loving…

“I’d like to Thank Tadashi Shoji, Dior and Spanx”: Oscar Party Review

I am a proud member of a prestigious old Los Angeles women’s education and philanthropic organization that is housed in a 1927 Italian renaissance revival building (a national landmark) and is filled with a membership of amazing women from all over the City of Angels. We are writers, politicians, directors, hoteliers, mothers, designers and journalists and our events are to die for. This year we … Continue reading “I’d like to Thank Tadashi Shoji, Dior and Spanx”: Oscar Party Review

Gilded Peach

I am one of those people who can wear silver or gold because of my skin type (or I’m a deluded and just believe I am fabulous and multi-tonal which is ALSO an acceptable possibility). Always a fan of highlighting in all it’s forms, I particularly love Benefit’s Sun Beam which is described by Sephora as “liquid sunshine”and I agree. My infamous distaste of sunshine … Continue reading Gilded Peach