Piña Colada = Summer Drink Style

Being the Red-itor in Chief of Thank God For Red Lipstick is only one of my many roles. Aside from being a life and style blogger I am a mother, healer, yogi, fitness enthusiast, women’s health advocate, entertainment wife, writer, budding photographer and the head hostess of my red lipstick infused world. I love to “bring the festivity” in my social life with the same … Continue reading Piña Colada = Summer Drink Style

Sunday Hike: Malibu

Hiking used to be a TGFRL family ritual. That is, before “C-bomb” arrived. For awhile, when she was confined to a snuggly baby-wrap, we continued to spend weekends exploring hills and valleys and vistas. But then hiking turned into “planning to hike” or questioning “how far and fast” we could go now that we were rolling with the under 5 crew. And so many weekends … Continue reading Sunday Hike: Malibu