Sunday Hike: Malibu

Hiking used to be a TGFRL family ritual. That is, before “C-bomb” arrived. For awhile, when she was confined to a snuggly baby-wrap, we continued to spend weekends exploring hills and valleys and vistas. But then hiking turned into “planning to hike” or questioning “how far and fast” we could go now that we were rolling with the under 5 crew. And so many weekends … Continue reading Sunday Hike: Malibu

Rituals: “Must Have” Yoga Things

“A photographer gets people to pose for him. A yoga instructor gets people to pose for themselves” – Jay Fields Yoga is love for me. It is my best friend. It creates a circumstance and vibe wherein I fall in love with myself and the universe simultaneously. I take it seriously, it is both my preferred form of movement and my spiritual haven. Like all things … Continue reading Rituals: “Must Have” Yoga Things

Make Love, literally, just make it!

Valentine’s day is nearing and along with it whole spectrum of feelings, opinions and rituals that it evokes. Since being married (going on 7 years soon) the Valentine’s Day rituals for us have fluctuated from obvious and classic, to creative and inspired. Last year, a little while before Valentine’s day, Mr. TGFRL and I spotted this great wall art while shopping in a boutique we … Continue reading Make Love, literally, just make it!